October 18, 2019

THE ART OF SONG – Daron Hagen – A Song Blog


There is a lot of note learning and text studying going on now as the singers and pianists are preparing to premiere Daron Hagen’s new song cycle, The Art of Song.


Here is how it goes. You’re a singer, say. You get the new score  – you may have gotten a sneak peak at a PDF a bit earlier, but paper is so much more fun. Haptic. Ceremonial. Moving. So Full Of Promise.


You hold the score with both your hands. You observe the cover. You open the music. In this case, the book. You look through the contents list, (you look for where you are to be singing – of course) – and then you read the composer’s notes. You get up and make a cup of coffee and return with it to your chair. Then, folding your knees under you and leaning to one side, you settle in to reading through all the texts. What is this all about, is the question.


First impressions are made – you re-read, you re-consider your findings as another text comes along that gives context to one, three songs back. You keep reading. You smile. You worry. You wonder. You remember.


You get ready. Here it comes.



Daron Hagen, world premiere

Monday, November 4th, 2019 at 7:30 PM (Duration: 1 hour and 6 minutes)
at The Church of the Holy Trinity, Rittenhouse Square


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