What audiences are saying about Lyric Fest

“It's much more than just a concert. It's the feeling of being alive.”

Raehann Bryce- Davis,  Photo: Donato Valentino

“You are at the center of the world where music, poetry, and thought come together. You are inches away from the art, and there's no other group that is giving you that kind of emotional immediacy.”

Lyric Fest is a place to experience the unique power of the human voice in song. We bring together great singers, composers, history, biography, and humor. Here we tell our stories in song.

Proof of vaccination and masking is required for all Lyric Fest performances.

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2020-2021 Season



A Time to Laugh

2 & 3


A Time to Mourn

Songs and Poems for the Victims of Covid-19

13 & 14


My Letter to the World

Emily Dickinson - Biography in Music

11 & 12


Yiddishe Nightingale

A Short History of the American Yiddish Theater

1, 2 & 3


The Song Catcher

The Folk Song Re-imagined

9 & 10


The Art of Song

By Daron Hagen, Brooklyn Premiere


My Favorite Things

Jennifer Aylmer and Laura Ward sharing favorites

Here's What's Happening Right Now

Cole Porter - Uncensored

Anything Goes

Lyric Fest caps the season with the Great American Songbook, featuring the larger-than-life biography of Cole Porter, filled with Broadway successes, Paris hoi polloi, and scandal. Porter penned it all with his own music and with lyrics that were frequently censored. We’ll sing it the way Cole Porter wrote it. With Randall Scarlata, Suzanne DuPlantis, and Laura Ward, piano.
Moorestown Community Center, Moorestown, NJ
May 17, 2022 @ 7:00 pm
Academy of Vocal Arts
May 18, 2022 @ 7:00 pm