What audiences are saying about Lyric Fest

“It's much more than just a concert. It's the feeling of being alive.”

Raehann Bryce- Davis,  Photo: Donato Valentino

“You are at the center of the world where music, poetry, and thought come together. You are inches away from the art, and there's no other group that is giving you that kind of emotional immediacy.”

Lyric Fest is a place to experience the unique power of the human voice in song. We bring together great singers, composers, history, biography, and humor. Here we tell our stories in song.

Proof of vaccination and masking is required for all Lyric Fest performances.

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2020-2021 Season



A Time to Laugh

2 & 3


A Time to Mourn

Songs and Poems for the Victims of Covid-19

13 & 14


Yiddishe Nightingale

A Short History of the American Yiddish Theater

8, 9 & 13


The Song Catcher

The Folk Song Re-imagined

9 & 10


Anything Goes

Cole Porter - Uncensored

17 & 18


The Art of Song

By Daron Hagen, Brooklyn Premiere

Here's What's Happening Right Now

Emily Dickinson - Biography in Music

My Letter to the World

Emily Dickinson died with 1,800 poems locked in a chest, written in notebooks, on cards, and scribbled onto envelopes with their glue seams pressed open. The vast majority were completely unknown to the world. This is the story of the beguiling life of one of America’s most notable and beloved poets, told with letters, narrations, and songs. With Christine Lyons, Pascale Spinney, Aaron Crouch, Greg Feldmann, Laura Ward at the piano, and Suzanne DuPlantis narrating.
The Presbyterian Church of Chestnut Hill
December 11, 2021 @ 3:00 pm
The Academy of Vocal Arts
December 12, 2021 @ 3:00 pm