Deadmall Ballads - Hilliard and Boresi

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Deadmall Ballads – a seriocomic song cycle about the life cycle of the American shopping mall. Offered in a new vision with video antics by Lyric Fest, this song-movie features the brilliant score / libretto of Hilliard and Boresi, brought to full hilarity and poignance by the artist who inspired the work, Jennifer Aylmer. Deadmall Ballads was originally premiered by LF in 2022 by Jennifer Aylmer and Laura Ward and was then studio recorded for our movie.

“[With] original, bluesy-driven penetrating music… composed by Peter Hilliard with idiosyncratic words by Matt Boresi… Deadmall Ballads has a clear story arc built around nine colorful songs about a dying shopping mall. The listener is taken on a journey not unlike Dante’s Inferno."

-D.C. Metro Theatre Arts

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