March 18, 2015

Tom Purdom reviews Waxing Poetic — In This Blue Room

Tom Purdom has published his review of Waxing Poetic — In This Blue Room in the Broad Street Review. He sees a dialog between the sexes in Kile Smith’s new song cycle. Below, you get to taste a tidbit to whet your appetite to read all of the review at the link above. We hope you will read it; Tom has unique, fascinating insights on offer in the review that we can’t excerpt here without copying practically the entire review.

… [Kile Smith’s] 17 songs may or may not be pure jazz but they evoke the spirit of jazz and late-night clubs. The two singers who presented the premiere, mezzo Suzanne DuPlantis and baritone Daniel Teadt, captured that spirit with every bar they sang.

… the premiere had become a multi-media event that included an exhibition of the actual paintings and slides that were screened as the songs were sung. Pritchard’s innocent request for poetry had expanded into another unforgettable episode in Lyric Fest’s unpredictable journey through the world of song.

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