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To Kiss the Earth

(text by Marguerite Wildenhain)

Maurice Wright

For baritone, string quartet, and reader; duration: 20:00
Premiered on “To Kiss the Earth – potter, poet, and guide”
November 12  and 13, 2011; at Philadelphia University and The Academy of Vocal Arts

1. If I could kiss the earth 2. In the cafe 3. Life is strange 4. Still Freezing 5. Prayer 6. Day of Atonement 7. I looked for flowers 8. I went to hear Mozart 9. The Bells 10. So unspeakably radiant and joyful 11. From your star

Performers: William Stone, Baritone, The Ravenhill String Quartet, and Suzanne DuPlantis, reader

Commissioned by Lyric Fest, Sponsored by The Temple University Research Incentive Fund

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