Commission spotlight

The Raven

(text by Edgar Allan Poe)

Nicholas White

For soprano, mezzo soprano, countertenor, tenor, baritone, string quartet, and piano; duration: 27:00
Premiered on “The Raven – A Poe Fest”
November 7 and 8, 2015; at Dumbarton Concerts, Washington, D.C., and The Academy of Vocal Arts
Performers: Emily Noël, soprano, Suzanne DuPlantis, mezzo soprano, Roger Isaacs, countertenor, James Reese, tenor, Steven Combs, baritone, June Huang violin, Christof Richter violin, Marta Soderberg Howard viola, Benjamin Wensel cello, Nicholas White, conductor, and Laura Ward, piano
Commissioned by Lyric Fest
Prologue 1. Darkness 2. A Visitor 3. Leonore I 4. Nevermore 5. Lamp-light 6. Lenore II 7. Prophet 8. Shadow

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