August 29, 2017

A word from Suzanne and Laura about Magic…

“You know, it is probably time to remove that phrase ‘young organization’ from your Lyric Fest materials,” said a friend recently with a congratulatory smile.
How did that happen? Perhaps magic had something to do with it, the kind Benjamin Britten wrote about in the Saturday Review in 1964:
The magic comes when the written note turns into sound. It comes most intensely when the listener is one with the composer; in active sympathy.
Simply to read a score in one’s armchair is not enough… Indeed, the magic is the music which is NOT in the score. For music needs three human beings at least; a composer, a performer and a listener. Unless these three take part together, there is no musical experience.
And so it is that you have been that listener, and you have enabled Lyric Fest to make magic, 70 distinct programs presented in Philadelphia and other cities and states; a roster of 200 vocal artists, actors, dancers, choral groups; more than 80 newly commissioned songs…
I guess you could say (to quote my GPS) we have arrived.
We hope you can help celebrate our coming of age in this truly remarkable 15th Anniversary Season…
  • Six amazing concerts: Four full-length concerts and two Happy Hour Mini Concerts for after work. (More here.)
  • New works by Benjamin C.S. Boyle, our Stasiuk & Farion Composer-in-Residence. (More about Benjamin here.)
  • A Candlelit Cabaret Fundraiser of Rodgers and Hart (More here, Tickets)
  • Grand Finale Concert with international operatic stars, Bryan Hymel and Irini Kyriakidou in concert with Laura Ward on May 6, 2018, with a special opportunity for preferred seating, and to meet the artists at an elegant reception. Tickets here. LF gratefully acknowledges the concert sponsorship of the Apgar-Black Foundation
“Good listeners, like precious gems, are to be treasured.” (Walter Anderson)
Thanks for being ours.
Yours with a song,
Suzanne and Laura
Season Tickets are on sale now.
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