April 6, 2017

Tom Purdom reviews “It’s Elementary”

Tom Purdom’s review of It’s Elementary was published yesterday in the Broad Street Review. Here are a few brief quotes to entice you to follow the link (click here) so you can read the whole, elegantly written, review.

The lineup’s 21 songs were distributed among four appealing young vocalists. Soprano Meryl Dominguez and tenor Jonas Hacker are both Academy of Vocal Arts resident artists. Sutherland and baritone John Moore have been around longer and possess formidable bios […] Philadelphia composer Michael Djupstrom introduced his foursome, Oars in the Water, by noting that it began with the oddest commission he’s ever received […] The other premiere, John Musto’s Be Music, Night, got a good reading from Dominguez […] Ward, Lyric Fest’s co-director, is a master of the art and one of the primary reasons Lyric Fest wins must-see status on my personal music schedule.

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