December 5, 2015

Johannes Brahms – ­­­Biography in Music Press Release


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 Lyric Fest Presents Johannes Brahms­­­ – Biography in Music 
The man behind the music and the music behind the man 
Philadelphia, Pa December, 2015
Johannes Brahms’s lullaby is widely known and often used to conjure up the mood of an innocent child sleeping. Yet, this piece that so identifies him belies the complexity of his own life. On Friday, January 22 at 7:30 pm at The Presbyterian Church of Chestnut Hill and on Sunday, January 24 at 3 pm at The Academy of Vocal Arts, Lyric Fest looks at the life of Brahms in one of their signature Biography in Music concerts.
Through his music and letters, as well as theatrical narration, this concert reveals the context of Brahms’s life. Performances by Laura Dixon Strickling, soprano; Jeffrey Williams, baritone; Jonas Hacker, tenor and Chrystal E. Williams, mezzo soprano include a varied selection of solo songs, vocal quartets and duets with Laura Ward at the piano and actor Jim Bergwall reading from the letters of Brahms.
Biography in Music is a signature program of Lyric Fest, combining the composer’s vocal works with their own words from letters. Narration adds the context of life events, relationships and place in time. Previously, Biography in Music has profiled Benjamin Britten, Mozart, Tchaikovsky and Gustav Mahler.
Said Suzanne DuPlantis, “Let’s face it… most composers are geniuses. But their letters reveal that they are also quirky, driven, troubled, lonely, complex human beings. Does it matter when you listen to their music? I’ll let you decide, but I can tell you this this much ­- it is completely fascinating.”
Suzanne DuPlantis also said of Brahms, “There is so much more to it than his being a romantic composer who was ‘in love’ with Clara Schumann. When you leave this concert, besides revering him, I guarantee you will have a profound compassion for Johannes Brahms, and I guarantee you will listen to him in a new way.”
Tickets are $20 for advanced purchase on the secure website and $25 at the door. Special student tickets are $5 cash at the door with ID.
About Lyric Fest 
“Compulsively enterprising…” (David Patrick Stearns, Philadelphia Inquirer) 
Lyric Fest was founded in January 2003 as a 501 c.3 and is currently led by two of its founders, Artistic Directors Suzanne DuPlantis and Laura Ward. Dedicated exclusively to the voice recital, Lyric Fest occupies a singular place in the Philadelphia artscape and expands the definition of the song recital by jointly featuring regional and internationally recognized artists. 
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