November 6, 2015

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THE RAVEN – A Poe Fest

  • Saturday, November 7, 2015, 8:00pm at Dumbarton Concerts, Washington, DC
  • Sunday, November 8, 2015, 3:00pm at The Academy of Vocal Arts (Reception following)

Tonight we meet in Washington – a cast of 12. We will finally all be in the same room to begin to pull this concert together. A concert that heretofore has been rehearsed in various rehearsal spaces, concert halls, churches, living rooms and schools with various combinations of people in Philadelphia, Boston, Connecticut, Washington, D.C., and New York City.

Tonight we gather all the disparate strands, one by one, into one hand. Then we will yank, pull, coddle, coax, careen and caress – until we may finally, gently – lead all the notes and all the words into a new state of being. This is how we build a concert.

Wish us luck… (I’ll send you a picture next time.)


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