November 3, 2015

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So, it was about 200 hundred years ago that EAP lived in Philadelphia –  1837 to 1844. Here is the only house he lived in that is still standing. You can visit it yourself – it’s in the Spring Garden District.


Just to state, perhaps, the obvious, Poe was not a happy guy. He suffered from bouts of depression, drank (sometimes heavily) but had a temperament ill-suited to even light drinking. It’s interesting to note that theories of drug abuse have mostly been discredited. Anyway, Poe said this about himself,

“I do believe God gave me a spark of genius, but He quenched it in misery.”

Nevertheless, historians tell us that his time in the City of Brotherly Love was the happiest of his life. He was already married to his beloved young wife, Virginia, (though sick with tuberculosis). He was enjoying relative success, and one would think much artistic satisfaction; during his time in Philadelphia 31 of his stories were published, and The Raven was written.

We may try to get Mr. Poe, The Action Figure to say a word about this next time we meet. Bet he can’t wait.


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