October 25, 2015

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Poe Fest Alert! We are two weeks out. Mark your calendars for November 8th at 3pm at The Academy of Vocal Arts. You will not want to miss what will be a very special concert for Lyric Fest. Five singers (one, a counter-tenor, a first for LF) and Laura Ward at the piano will be joined by a string quartet, composer Nicholas White, and reader Duncan Wu who will recite from Poe’s fiction. Not to mention beaucoup program notes on Poe’s life (and a reception where you can have a lovely glass of wine and meet the artists…)

Speaking of Poe’s Life – here is an EAP Fun Fact Du Jour – Did you know that Edgar Allan Poe married his thirteen year old cousin when he was 27? Okay, maybe you didn’t want to know that. Actually, they had a happy marriage, until (spoiler alert) she contracted TB and died.

Like I said, I believe this concert will surprise you. BTW, I continued my interview with dear Mr. Poe (The Action Figure) – when he heard we were having a Poe Fest, it left him speechless.

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