September 27, 2014

2. Vienna – City of Song – Blog Post

Here is an ever-so-lovely song for today, one to be featured on next week’s program. And if I post quickly enough, you’ll hear it before the sun sets…

Feldeinsamkeit of Johannes Brahms. (Solitude in a field)

I rest quietly in the tall green grass
And for a long time send my gaze aloft,
Surrounded by the unceasing whirr of crickets,
Enfolded wondrously by blue sky.

The lovely white clouds drift by
Through the deep blue, like beautiful, silent dreams;
I feel as though I am long dead
And drift blissfully along through eternal space.

Here it is with Dietrich FischerDieskau, quite a beautiful recording, if I may say so. (It’s gotten so many hits that you now must pass through an advertisement for anti-wrinkle cream that almost ruins the mood…)

But it’s a perfect bit of revery for quiet Saturday evening, when the sun is setting. Enjoy!

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