February 3, 2014


MartiniWell, as I sit to begin blogging for our upcoming concert “Love with a Twist,” it’s another snow-day here is Philadelphia. Thinking about all this fiery passion while staring out the snowy window can’t help but bring Robert Frost’s Fire and Ice to mind. What is it about love that freezes and burns?

This is the kind of question that has kept us hopping all over the repertory for this concert, and I must say, it’s been fun! Consider the potential of its theme. Why, it has inspired more tag lines than any other program…

There’s the original:
A Program for those lucky at cards (unlucky at love)

Soon followed the more descriptive one:
The Daydreams, Denials and Disasters of Love

To which our beloved past board chair, Bill Leonard, quipped:
“Oh, It’s love in 3D!”

Indeed, this Valentine’s program celebrates love in 3D — all the beauty, tragedy, humor and heart ache that accompanies the twists and turns of love. Take heart ache alone! There is just so much stunning music that deals with it. Who could resist? One of my favorites is the incomparably beautiful Marietta’s Lied from Die Tote Stadt:

Joy, that near to me remains,
Come to me, my true love.
Night sinks into the grove
You are my light and day.
Anxiously beats heart on heart
Hope itself soars heavenward.

How true, a sad song.
The song of true love,
that must die….

…beautifully sung here by Renée Fleming (did everyone hear Renee open the Super Bowl with the best sung National Anthem in decades?)  Well, our soprano, the lush and gorgeous Barbara Shirvis, sings Marietta’s Lied every bit as beautifully.  (Want to hear more of Barbara? Go Here.) Now, Barbara, in addition to being a serious soprano, is also a hilarious soprano. And we have some very special treats in store for you in that department… All I can say is, don’t miss it!

Tune in tomorrow for more highlights from the concert and more about our artists.

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