November 21, 2012

Another review of A tu Corazón

Steve Cohen wrote a review of our Spanish Song concert from Sunday, the second review of this concert to appear in the Broad Street Review (we posted earlier about the first review by Tom Purdom). Mr. Cohen is happy that Spanish-language song is having its day in the sun more and more in our area. As he puts it,

Given all the talk about America’s growing Latin population, it’s about time.

The review gives background on the repertory presented and praises the four singers who performed (“Luis Ledesma vocalized affectionately” but another song he “powerfully belted”; “Carla Dirlikov smokily chanted”; Diego Silva alternately “crooned” and “sung tenderly”; Maria Aleida gave us “dazzling coloratura leaps”).

We encourage you to follow the link above for the full review and we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.

UPDATE (2012-11-29): This review was also published in

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