May 2, 2012

Review of Once Upon a Time by Tom Purdom

The Broad Street Review has a review of the April 29 performance of Once Upon a Time, written by Tom Purdom. Tom starts with this:

Everyone who values the Classical music tradition agrees that we must cultivate audiences if the tradition is to survive. The Lyric Fest song series supports that noble cause with an annual children’s concert, which has become one of the gems of its schedule.

The review gets better from this already great start. We have one more performance coming up on Sunday, 5/6, 3 pm, at Trinity Presbyterian Church, Cherry Hill, NJ (no ticket required; free-will offering at door). If you missed the April 29 performance, here’s your chance to catch this really fun (and funny) show. To whet your appetite more, we have two photos of the show by audience member Dominick Miserandino:

Maggie Moliterno as Gretel and Katherine Pracht as Hansel in Hansel and Gretel
Jeffrey Halili, Maggie Moliterno, and Daniel Pantano in Once Upon a Time
Jeffrey Halili as Lindoro/Count Almaviva, Maggie Moliterno as Rosina, Daniel Pantano as Don Bartolo in the Barber of Seville
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