November 12, 2011

Directions to Ravenhill Chapel

Directions to Ravenhill Chapel for today’s concert (November 12, 2011):

A view of the chapel and a map of the area:

The Ravenhill Chapel is on the campus of Philadelphia University Campus between Henry Avenue and the Schuylkill River.

From either Kelly Drive, from City Line Ave or from I-76, follow signs to “Lincoln Drive”.  You’ll be on a winding road with rocks to your right and the river and park to your left.  Halfway down this road is a beige Victorian House – that is at Gypsy Lane.

RIGHT on Gypsy Lane, go up hill.  It Ts off into School House Lane.
LEFT on School House Lane THEN IMMEDIATE RIGHT onto the campus.
(RIGHT onto campus, but if you miss it, there is another entrance) there should be signage on School House Lane that says “Event Parking”. Do not drive to the chapel. There is no parking there.

Follow the signage to the Athletic Parking lot which will be behind the chapel and walk between buildings to to the Chapel. We believe the only entrance into the chapel open at that time will be from the breezeway connecting it the other building. So enter the breezeway via the ramp (in the back parking lot.) Turn right into chapel.

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