September 20, 2011

Meet Elizabeth Racheva – On Stage and Off Stage!

Let us share some exciting news. Soprano Elizabeth Racheva has been working both behind the scenes and on stage with us for about a year ~ we figure it’s time to make a proper introduction!

Beginning in October, Elizabeth will take over the important task of working with the Lyric Fest audiences. She will be exploring how we can strengthen and expand the connection with our community through an increased social media presence and other marketing tools: from Facebook and Twitter to creating our own channel on YouTube and taking over our e-newsletter.

In April 2012, you will also get to enjoy Elizabeth on stage in “Once Upon a Time…”

Before relocating to Philadelphia, Elizabeth was Artistic Director of her own critically acclaimed art song series in Dallas, Texas, called Voces Intimae.  She is committed to the same artistic ideals that we hold dear at Lyric Fest. Quite simply, finding her was like finding a kindred spirit.

Elizabeth says: “I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to get more involved at Lyric Fest this season. I hope we can continue to deepen our supporters’ knowledge of the music we perform, the texts that inspire it, the organization itself, and all the people who bring Lyric Fest and its mission to life every season.”

“I believe deeply in the power of song as an art form to inspire, heal, and bring people together. I can’t wait to sing with Lyric Fest again for Once Upon a Time… next spring, and, in the meantime, to build audiences for the rest of the season!”

Suzanne, Randi and Laura

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