September 13, 2011

Bawdy Bard gets a preview in the press has a great article by Joe Barron about our upcoming Bawdy Bard concerts. Excerpt:

Since its founding in 2003, Lyric Fest has established a tradition of entertaining and offbeat programming supplementing music with poetry and theater. Singing remains the focus, but overarching themes and spoken narration provide a helpful context, plugging listeners in to the mindset of composers and their times.

This sense of playfulness will be on display again next week with a lovely-sounding program titled “The Bawdy Bard,” a look at love, loss and seduction from the Middle Ages to the high Baroque. In addition to the troubadour songs, madrigals and catches, Jenkintown actor Jim Bergwall will portray an itinerant poet.

The whole article is a delightful read, so please head over to the site to read it.

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