Commission spotlight

The Art of Song

Daron Hagen

For six solo voices and piano; duration: 1:06:00
Premiered on “The Art of Song”
November 4, 2019; at The Church of the Holy Trinity

Performers: Justine Aronson, soprano; Gilda Lyons, soprano; Elisa Sutherland, mezzo soprano; Meg Bragle, mezzo soprano; James Reese, tenor; Steven Eddy, baritone; and with pianists Laura Ward and Michael Brofman

1. America 2. Un-American Activities 3. Peace Quodlibet 4.War is Kind/Irish Airman 5. Mother of Exiles 6. The Moths 7. Pomodoro 8. Quail 9. No Sad Songs 10. Brown Penny 11. Love 12. Among the Asmat 13. Western Wind 14. Prayer in Midwinter 15. That I Know 16. What My Lips My Lips Have Kissed 17. Summer is Gone 18. The Wolf 19. The Lamb 20. The New Yorkers 21. The Green for Pamela 22. Almighty Father 23. Rain in Spring 24. The Start of Everything

Co-commissioned by Lyric Fest and The Brooklyn Art Song Society; Sponsored by Susan Rittenhouse Joseph and Peter Joseph, Conant Scott Rogers, Suzanne DuPlantis, Marianne Miserandino and Dimitrios Diamantaras, Lauren and Craig Meyer, Peggy and Ron Gregg, Clark Morrell, Lawrence DuPlantis, and Allan Schimmel