October 10, 2010

Song of the Week: Night magic

Love this song of Hugo Wolf!! The poet is Joseph Eichendorff. Randall Scarlata introduced this piece to me this past year. It’s one of those songs that if you like atmosphere, you got it here! From the very start with the key of F# Major, six sharps in the key signature, and double sharps, sixteenth notes, pianissimo.

Night magic

Do you not hear the spring running
between the stones and flowers far
toward the quiet wood lakes,
where the marble statues stand
in fine solitude?
From the mountains, gently
awakening ancient songs,
the wondrous night descends
and the earth gleams again
as you often see in a dream.

Do you know the flower that blooms
in the moonlit land,
from whose buds, half-open,
young limbs bloom with
white arms and red mouth?
And the nightingale sings,
and all around, a lament is raised;
alas, wounded fatally by love,
by lovely days now gone forever –
come, o come to the silent land!
Come! come!



Translation from German to English copyright © by Emily Ezust,

Based on a text in German by Josef Karl Benedikt von Eichendorff (1788-1857) , “Nachtzauber”

Hörst du nicht die Quellen gehen
zwischen Stein und Blumen weit
nach den stillen Waldesseen,
wo die Marmorbilder stehen
in der schönen Einsamkeit?
Von den Bergen sacht hernieder,
weckend die uralten Lieder,
steigt die wunderbare Nacht,
und die Gründe glänzen wieder,
wie du’s oft im Traum gedacht.

Kennst die Blume du, entsprossen
in dem mondbeglänzten Grund
Aus der Knospe, halb erschlossen,
junge Glieder blühendsprossen,
weiße Arme, roter Mund,
und die Nachtigallen schlagen
und rings hebt es an zu klagen,
ach, vor Liebe todeswund,
von versunk’nen schönen Tagen –
komm, o komm zum stillen Grund!
Komm! Komm!



by Josef Karl Benedikt von Eichendorff (1788-1857) , “Nachtzauber”

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  1. Love the new newsletter and its many features. Nice job!
    Have you thought about including an audio file with this Song of the Week feature? Would add an exciting and additional dimension to your web site. Just a suggestion.
    Thanks for all that you all do through LyricFest.

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