A tu Corazón – Canciones y Dansas

Sunday, November 18, 2012 at 3 pm
The Academy of Vocal Arts

Journey to Spain, Mexico, Central and South America in Spanish song, zarzuela and opera. With an all Latin American cast of singers, Lyric Fest charts Spanish song from its roots, through the influence of the Moors and into the New World.

A Tu Corazon Program (PDF)

With Artists: Maria Aleida, Carla Dirlikov, Diego Silva, Luis Ledesma, and pianist  Laura Ward.

Ticket Information

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6 Responses to A tu Corazón – Canciones y Dansas

  1. MARIA E. MOLINS says:


  2. dimi says:

    Information about the Academy of Vocal Arts is on our website here: Venues.

    Information about tickets is here: Tickets.

  3. Thomas R. Sessions says:

    I like to know if A Tu Corazon-Canciones y Dansas is performing only for one night? And if so, will they be back to perform in the city of Philadelphia any time soon. I have an engagement on that day of November 18th, 2010 at 3:00pm but I would love to see the show at another time. Thank you!

  4. dimi says:

    Only one performance of A Tu Corazon is scheduled, unfortunately.

  5. Luis says:

    Did you try to click Tickets (?)When you do it becomes impossible to understand what is offered and where > There is no “Canciones at the AVA . Bad web site ! very bad.

  6. dimi says:

    Can you be more specific? All the offerings are shown on the right and when you click on “PURCHASE TICKETS SECURELY ONLINE” it brings you to a page where you can do this. You may be referring to the fact that on the latter page the A tu Corazon ticket was not available this morning. This was due to a glitch in setting up the checkout page. This glitch has now been corrected.

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